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I'm Atekuro. Here, I post my own songs as modules after the mastered ones were released. some I'll make especially it's it's Mastered Stems will be private and will be for those I trust if they want to make remixes or extended mixes using them.

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Posted by Atekuro95 - September 16th, 2021

I am part of the Demoscene, even if I do make Late 90s Classic Trance Tracks.

In fact, I've remastered my Trance Track from July of 2020 "Far Away" to make it sound extremely accurate to the late 90s style of Trance.

And I made my latest Track called "Galactic Nightmares", which was my entry for Jumalauta 21 Years a couple days ago.

I have a JP-8000 Emulator called the JP6K.

I used to use the other JP-8000 Emulator called the Super 7, but when I Moved to Cubase Pro, I switched to the JP6K since the Super 7 is just 32-bit.

I also use the Nord Lead 2 Emulator called the Synth1.

I use the DX7, and TX81Z emulators called the Dexed, and the Exakt Lite.

I even use Software Ports of Korg's and Roland's Authentic Digital and Virtual Analog Synthesizers from the late 70, all the way up to the late 90s made by Roland and Korg themselves.

Hopefully this is just the beginning, and I will get my hands on the real authentic hardwares, like the Yamaha TX81Z, the Roland JP-8080, the Nord Lead 2, the Novation Nova, and the Yamaha AN1x, same goes for recreations of some of the authentic hardware from Roland made by Behringer, especially it's X2442FX Mixer.

Once that happens, my Classic Trance Tracks will be more accurate to the late 90s style of it.

I'm also in the process of making Canadipop into reality. Canadipop is a genre that is Late 90s Trance, but tweaked to be Combined with Eurodance, and Synthpop in late 90s style.

Make sure to stick around if you're a fan of Trance, Eurodance, and Synthpop in late 90s style.